Climate Change and Sustainability Courses on OCW

Aerial photo of the MIT dome and other nearby buildings, with the Charles River and Boston skyline in the background.

Photo by Christopher Harting/Above Summit.

“The problem of climate change, the subject of serious work at MIT for decades, demands society’s urgent attention. Addressing this global problem will take deep societal change, and that means there is a role – and a personal responsibility – for everyone: every nation, every sector, every institution, every firm, every individual human being…

Perhaps the most powerful way to trigger new thinking on climate is to educate a new generation of innovators—here on our campus and around the world.”

—MIT’s five-year climate change action plan (Oct. 2015)

Climate change is a particularly hot topic at MIT, engaging its researchers, educators and students. Likewise, the MIT community is working hard on a broad range of environmental and sustainability solutions.

Learn more about these topics with highlights from OCW, organized around several themes:

Update (October 2016): Check out ClimateX, MIT’s new experiment in peer-to-peer learning and collaboration for climate action. The initial version (running October-November 2016) includes weekly interactive webinars on a variety of climate topics, and an online space to make connections and collaborate on challenges. OCW materials are a featured resource for learning in ClimateX.

Science Foundations

Technology and Engineering Solutions

Economics, Business, Planning, and Politics

Humanities Perspectives

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Last updated: 04/07/2017

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