26 thoughts on “OCW Thanks You

  1. Thank you. I am looking forward to working closely with you on an alternative literacy education project that can help with expanding the message that education is a weapon for change.

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  2. MIT is doing a wonderful work all over the world however few Indian Universities are taking the advantage of the ongoing progress in search to attain the excellence and I wish more universities in India and developing countries are to sensitized hope more effort will be spent to reach many in the world , and more content to be added in relation to Infectious diseases and antibiotic misuse a
    Dr.T.V.Rao MD
    Former professor of Microbiology


  3. MIT has been to my life for more than a decade very helpful and inspiring whenever I needed to learn new knowledge as a life long learner.


  4. Congratulations on this effort…. OCW of MIT was one my first choice for enhancing my courses
    Please continue to open MIT to the world
    Professor of Electrochemistry
    Dept of Environmental Engineering
    Western Macedonia University of Applied Sciences
    Kozani 50100 Greece


  5. Thanks MIT
    I am doing honors degree in physics from governmemt college and university lahore pakistan.I have really enjoyed lectures on physics and mathmatics.MIT is really doing an amazing job by providing high class education worldwide.


  6. i’m a chinese student .you know our government(CCP) build an Internet Great Wall to prevent us reading information of the world.we must use some tools,such as VPN.we can’t visit twitter,facebook,youtube……CCP is an autarchy party just like Venezuela recently.They control everything such as news,speech.Just like discribed of the novel called 1984.thanks MIT OCW,thank you America.FOR THE freedom and peace of the world ,America and western countries should corporate for the vanish of CCP.CCP and chinese people are not same .Chinese people don’t like CCP.


  7. speaking for myself a disabled learning student living on an island where the closest higher education is about 45 miles away. I want to say a BIG THANK YOU for providing a ability to educate myself even if i don’t get any University credit towards an advanced Physics degree….

    Commander John S. Ehrhart RN, USCG-DHS Retired
    12 Whinlands Croft, Annalong
    County Down,
    Northern Ireland
    BT34 4FL

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    • I really loved your message and your dedication to learn things and let us all make our best contributions to serve the humanity in peace and troubled times to reduce the human suffering
      Dr.T.V.Rao MD former professor of Microbiology
      Freelance educator on Infectious diseases


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