7 reasons you should donate to OCW now

OCW is celebrating 15 years of open sharing with the world! To honor the year we were announced (2001) , we need 2,001 people to donate by Monday, June 20th for our Spring fundraiser. So far, more than a 1,000 people have donated and we’re so thankful!

We still need more learners to donate to reach this goal. Here are some reasons you should donate to OCW (if you haven’t already).


1. OCW IS ALL FREE!  (There’s no cost, nada, no catch!)

PMX3Yma  via GIPHY


2. EVERY DOLLAR IS BEING MATCHED.  That’s like doubling your donation which doubles your impact. See what Heshey says.

double  via GIPHY


3. You are annoyed there aren’t more videos on OCW  (the $100,000 matching gift would help us with that)!

videos  via GIPHY


4. Donating now will make you feel goooood!

sinthecity  via GIPHY


5. You can afford to donate, especially for those that can’t but are grateful to access OCW.

homer$  via GIPHY


6. It’s your way to celebrate OCW’s 15th anniversary.

soccer  via GIPHY


7. Your gift helps us keep the lights on!

bulb  via GIPHY


So don’t wait. Donate now, and thanks!

“I am 53 and have been out of work for 5 years, struggling driving around the state, trying to self educate but as you know nothing replaces a degree. Every dollar I have has to stretch for food, heating fuel and travel money. I do appreciate the opportunity to a self educate put forth by the MIT OpenCourseWare and I am always praising MIT for their philanthropic efforts.” – John, USA


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