March Mens et Manus Madness: 16 New Courses

Left: these diffently sized cows illustrate something about String Theory and Holographic Duality. Right: an MIT student makes an education video about how braces work.

Among OCW’s March 2016 publications, cows help illustrate string theory and holographic duality, and MIT students share their experience in learning how to make effective educational videos. (Left: image by Hong Liu from 8.821. Right: photo by Elizabeth Choe from 20.219.)

The sixteen courses OCW published during the month of March are a great reflection of the MIT motto “mens et manus” — Latin for “mind and hand.” These courses run the gamut from the abstract and conceptual (string theory) to the practical and timely (how to create an effective educational video). Eight of these courses are brand new to OCW, and eight are updates of previously published courses.

New Courses

Updated Courses

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