Twelve new courses in November

Illustration of the steps of a sleight-of-hand magic trick.

The new OCW course MAS.S66 Indistinguishable From… Magic as Interface, Technology, and Tradition combines theatrical illusion, game design, sleight of hand, machine learning, camouflage, and neuroscience to explore how ideas from ancient magic and modern stage illusion can inform cutting edge technology. (Image courtesy of the Crossett Library on Flickr. License CC BY-NC-SA.)

During the month of November, OCW published twelve more courses. It may seem like magic, but rest assured they’re all real and ready for your learning enjoyment.

Disciplines from all five of MIT’s schools are represented, and the instructional level ranges from introductory undergraduate to advanced graduate seminars.  Nine are brand-new subjects on OCW, while three are updates of previously published courses.

New Courses

Updated Courses

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