Experience MIT’s freshman year with OCW

Photo of several students working together around a table.

MIT students getting to work. (Photo by Christopher Harting/MIT Communication Production Services.)

Best wishes for the new school year! And that goes double if you’re a new college freshman.

MIT’s freshman year is known to be rigorous and challenging; but there’s also plenty of fun, creativity and collaboration. What courses fill the first two semesters here?

  • A required sequence of six core math and science subjects
  • One course per semester in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS), since undergrads must take at least eight HASS electives before graduation.

Use OCW to get a detailed view of the complete MIT freshmen year. (One of these courses is also about to begin as a MOOC from MITx on edX, as noted below.) Get inspired, prepare for your own upcoming classes, supplement your current studies…or just relive the memories if it’s been a few years.

Core Math and Science Requirements

Each of these requirements can be satisfied by one of several courses. The course options accomodate diverse student backgrounds and interests, with varied ways to learn the key concepts.

Freshmen that test out of one or more of these core requirements are free to move ahead to higher-level math or science classes, or explore other disciplines like programming, engineering, and business. In this follow-up post, we use OCW to highlight some next steps.

Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS) Electives

MIT has great strength in the humanities, arts, and social sciences. Freshmen choose from several hundred introductory HASS courses to round out their schedules. Here’s a representative sample from OCW.

3 thoughts on “Experience MIT’s freshman year with OCW

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  3. I cannot even begin to describe how grateful I am that MIT has put something of this quality and value together. Being from the South African middle class, I have not had much opportunity in the way of financing my education through respectable sources. MIT has given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge on a daily basis, and thereby affording me the opportunity to improve my own position, and hopefully the position of my fellow human beings. Thank you so much to the founders of this amazing project. The internet, I believe, is one of the single greatest tools for sharing information and knowledge with every person on planet earth, thereby raising our potential as a species. Again, thank you for giving us this amazing resource.


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