MIT+K12 is Training the Next Generation of Science Communicators (PBS Nova)

With the 2nd season of its hit series Science Out Loud now released, MIT+K12 Videos has been garnering plenty of attention. The PBS Nova Education blog recently posted this profile and interview with MIT+K12 program manager and Science Out Loud executive producer Elizabeth Choe.

MIT+K12 is Training the Next Generation of Science Communicators
By Ralph Bouquet – Tue, 06 Jan 2015

The world could use more Neil deGrasse Tysons and Janna Levins. In a time where information is being consumed through various mediums and misconceptions about science often spread faster than the truth—it’s important that scientists are able to meet people where they are. A new program at MIT is creating the next generation of science communicators and they’re tackling the digital landscape through engaging, short-form videos on YouTube.

The MIT+K12 program was started in 2011 to address the underperformance of US K-12 students and the underrepresentation of minorities and women in STEM fields. The program started with MIT students working together to create short explanatory videos for STEM topics like the rock cycle and sports car aerodynamics. Since 2013, the program has expanded into four core initiatives: Science Out Loud is an original web series written and hosted by MIT students, SciVids101 is an outreach event which brings area middle and high school students to the MIT campus for a crash course on making science videos, an MIT class on writing and hosting educational shows, and the MIT+K12 Fellowships train future thinkers and makers in educational media…

Read the full article.

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