The highs and lows of a MOOC education (Financial Times)

The Financial Times profiled Sharon Watkins, a MOOC learner who created a community study group:

…10 adults – two men and eight women – signed up to study part one of Grow to Greatness: Smart Growth for Private Businesses, by the University of Virginia, Darden School of Business.

The majority of the class were on a low or fixed income and aged between 45 to 55. One had a doctorate, one a BA and a few others had some coursework at an associate degree level, but most had never completed a postsecondary degree. Continue reading…

The article continues with Ms. Watkins sharing her experience as a MOOC-group leader, and the next steps of those who passed the course.

One thought on “The highs and lows of a MOOC education (Financial Times)

  1. Article says good things about MOOC.
    Now everybody will start saying ” my God MOOC is good ”
    It is all wrong. Investigate. One example is not enough.
    I decided MOOCs are not good but set up by MIT and Harvard is good.
    They are non profit , they provide the same courses as oncampus courses.
    I wish they provide degrees too .
    But then many colleges will be closed ???????


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