Nearly 75% who take online classes are outside US (Boston Globe)

Recently, MITx and HarvardX released de-identified learning data collected by edX. This article in the Boston Globe digs into the demographics of MOOC learners:

Of the 842,000 students who registered for the free online classes offered by the edX initiative in the 2012-2013 school year, just 28 percent were from the United States. About 13 percent were from India, followed by the United Kingdom, Brazil, Canada, and Spain.

The most typical edX student was a male with a bachelor’s degree who is 26 or older. But less than 1 in 3 students fit that profile, researchers found, suggesting there is a broad array of different types of students.

For example, one-third reported a high-school education or less, while 6 percent reported they were 50 or older. Continue reading at the Boston Globe.

If you’d like to see the edX data for yourself (and perhaps find an interesting trend), you can download it here.

One thought on “Nearly 75% who take online classes are outside US (Boston Globe)

  1. But edx must provide credits and degrees too and charge $ 100-200 per course.
    Then enrollment will be 50 million in the World within 5 years .
    Now MITx OCW is being followed by 150,000,000 students and teachers in the World .
    We are all indebted to MIT and edx .


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