OCWC Global 2014 Conference keynote speakers announced

The keynote speakers for the 2014 OCWC Global 2014 Conference have been announced:

Dr. Divina Frau-Meigs, a Fulbright scholar, is professor of American studies and media sociology at the Université Paris 3-Sorbonne, France, specializing in media and information technologies in a comparative perspective as well as a researcher in media uses and the practices of young people. She is the UNESCO Chair for “savoir-devenir dans le développement numérique durable: maîtriser les cultures de l’information”. She is currently working on issues of Internet governance, media regulation, cultural diversity and media literacy in a global perspective. She will address how open education contributes to meeting the need to “learn how to become” in the digital age.

Rayid Ghani is the Research Director at the Urban Center for Computation and Data at the University of Chicago. Previously, he was the Chief Scientist for the Obama 2012 Campaign focusing on Analytics, Technology, and Data. His interests are in using data and analytics for high impact social good problems in areas such as education, healthcare, energy, transportation, and public safety. He is a renowned researcher in data mining and machine learning, and he will share with us what the open education community can learn from machine learning and big data.

Visit the conference website for more information.

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