A Day to Remember the First Computer Programmer Was a Woman (New York Times)

October 15, 2013

In 1842, Ada Lovelace, known as the “enchantress of numbers,” wrote the first computer program.

Fast-forward 171 years to today (which happens to be Ada Lovelace Day, for highlighting women in science, technology, engineering and math), and computer programming is dominated by men.

Women software developers earn 80 percent of what men with the same jobs earn. Just 18 percent of computer science degrees are awarded to women, down from 37 percent in 1985. Fewer than 5 percent of venture-backed tech start-ups are founded by women.

Those statistics, released by Symantec, the security company, and the Anita Borg Institute, which works to recruit and promote women in tech, provide context for recent debates in Silicon Valley, like why Twitter has no women on its board.

Given that girls begin to shy away from computer science when they are young, because of a lack of role models and encouragement from parents and teachers, perhaps a short history lesson on Ms. Lovelace would be helpful. Read more.

One thought on “A Day to Remember the First Computer Programmer Was a Woman (New York Times)

  1. Horses for courses….male and female are different in design and perform accordingly. Yes we see an overlap but the majority satisfy their intellect else where. Feminists today have a notion that females can do everything a male has done. Since 1980’s education has focused on females to venture into other non traditional disciplines. Those that have obtained careers in engineering and medical research have been more administrative technicians or write up about observations of matter. The next step is to invent and solve problems and that takes an intellect that can see around corners and accurately ascertain solutions akin to playing chess. 10% of females succeed to reach grand master status.

    I see many engineering and medicine students of all genders struggling to find that kind of ingenuity. I also see many research projects carried out with a benign mind set and constantly urge all students to re-define their target and logically work through known scientific data and principles to aim appropriately.

    To answer the questions above why have feminists stood by a premise based on wonder why or jealousy and let people be themselves. Lowering the bar in the belief inspiration will see a female do something that equates to male ingenuity that has operated since cave man days providing the life style we all enjoy today.

    Stop making so many of the 90% unhappy just to score some gender brownie points against the males but encourage every gender to do their best according to their abilities.

    The Knight calls check mate…..and suggest we all play through our collective strengths.


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