EmTech MIT is just days away

Oct 9–11 | MIT Media Lab | Cambridge, MA

EmTech MIT is just  days away. Be there when the stage lights up with the technology and business leaders defining our future.

We’ve told you what we think EmTech MIT is all about. Here’s what those leaders are saying:

“This is where some great thinking is going on.”
– Steve Herrod, CTO, VMWare

“EmTech looks out into the future to some of the disruptive technologies that will solve difficult problems in the world.”
– Sophie Vandebroek, CTO, Xerox

“It connects big problems, with use of technology that has a business purpose which benefits society. It’s the only conference that connects all those dots.”
– Virginia Cha, Chief of Research, National University of Singapore

2 thoughts on “EmTech MIT is just days away

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  2. yes tje EùTech Mit is a wonderful event to share things around people
    check this link there is videos of this event 🙂

    RFID helps suggest exhibits at MIT Media Lab

    Printer Pro MIT Media Lab 3 D printing with variable densities

    MIT Media lab opens doors to new, modern facility

    MIT Media lab shows off urban, electric vehicles

    Robotic spider weaves web at MIT Media Lab


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