New resource index for 6.01SC

If you are a fan of our OCW Scholar courses, you know they are chock full of resources.  Scholar courses, for the uninitiated, are designed for independent learners who have few additional resources available to them.

The courses are substantially more complete than typical OCW courses and include new custom-created content as well as materials repurposed from MIT classrooms. The materials are also arranged in logical sequences and include multimedia such as video and simulations.

Scholar courses typically have as much as ten times the content of our regular course publications, and while the unique sequencing of content makes them ideal for independent study, it can make it difficult to find that one document or video you saw last week and wanted to review.

So we are happy to introduce a new pilot feature: A resource index for 6.01SC Introduction to Electrical Engineering and Computer Science I.  At last, all your favorite 6.01SC materials, all in one handy interface.  Open learning just keeps getting better and better!

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 12.16.58 PM


2 thoughts on “New resource index for 6.01SC

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