Walter Lewin’s special gift

9781439108277_p0_v1_s260x420Another reason to consider taking 8.01x Classical Mechanics this fall:  As a surprise gift, professor Walter Lewin has just finished sending out signed copies of his book, For the Love of Physics, to the top 15 students in his just-completed MITx MOOC 8.02x Electricity and Magnetism.  In each book, he wrote a special message.  Recipients included:

  • Alexander Butrym
  • Ben Caswell
  • Lloyd Griffiths
  • Mukhtar Jafri
  • Dimitar Kovachev
  • Sashi Kumar
  • Victor Kwong
  • Salvador Sala
  • Gustavo Segundo
  • Alexey Shakirov
  • Miloš Skopec
  • David Warkentin
  • Craig White
  • David Wishnia

Congratulations to the recipients and to all who finished 8.02x!

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