LINC 2013 Session: Virtual Universities Around the World

LINC 2013

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Be there in June to experience this great LINC conference session:

“Virtual Universities Around the World”

Patricio López del Puerto – President of the Virtual University Tecnologico de Monterrey in Mexico

Bakary Diallo – Rector of the African Virtual University, Nairobi, Kenya

Naveed Malik – Founding Rector of the Pakistan Virtual University, Lahore, Pakistan

Session Chair: Dr. Vijay Kumar – Senior Strategic Advisor & Director, MIT’s OEIT (Office of Educational Innovation & Technology)
This Plenary Session to be followed by a panel discussion in which audience participation will guide the discussion and debate.

Other important LINC 2013 conference topics will be:

  • The impact of MOOCs on universities worldwide
  • Innovations in educational technology to bring education to all
  • New media for instruction
  • New pedagogical models facilitated by technology
  • Impediments to bringing education to all

Visit the conference website and our facebook page for the latest information.

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