Record traffic for OCW

While the news may be largely about the MOOCs lately, OCW has been enjoying record usage. We set an all-time record in January with 2.25 million visits from 1.3 million unique visitors. We also set an annual record in 2012 with 22.3 million visits from 11.8 million visitors.

Our all-time numbers have also grown tremendously large. Since October 1, 2003, we’ve:

  • served more than 8.68 billion files from our servers (hits, for the web metric geeks among you)
  • received more than 120.2 million visits from 74.4 million unique visitors
  • received more than 786.7 million page views
  • received more than 1.8 million visits from the MIT community
  • served up 16.8 million downloadable zip files of individual courses (the rough equivalent of 8,000 copies of our site)
  • recorded more than 40 million downloads from our iTunes U channel, and
  • recorded more than 40 million views of our videos on YouTube.

If you roll up conservative estimates of reach across all our channels and through faculty bringing OCW materials into their classrooms, we estimate we’ve reached about 150 million individuals worldwide.

That’s truly a level of usage unimaginable when MIT set out to create OCW, and we are humbled to have touched the lives of so many.

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