Duflo, Lander, Lewin to lead spring-semester MITx courses (via MIT News)

MIT News an excellent write-up of the new MITx courses, as well as some data coming out of the earlier offerings:

While there is much data still to be crunched, some results from students’ fall-semester MITx courses are already in: Of the 100,000 who registered for 6.00x (Introduction to Computer Science and Programming), 11,000 were active users of the course; for 3.091x (Introduction to Solid State Chemistry), 28,512 initially registered, with an average 6,000 active users and 2,082 who passed the course.

In 6.002x (Circuits and Electronics) — MITx’s prototype course and the only course on edX that has completed two semesters — 46,000 registered, with about 6,000 active students and 3,008 who passed the course. During the course’s first run on MITx, prior to the edX announcement last year, 6.002x attracted nearly 155,000 people, with more than 7,000 who passed the course.

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